BIP! Scholar is a service that allows researchers to set up an academic CV (i.e., a profile page), which represents their research activities in detail and highlights different aspects of their research career. You can create your own profile in the service by authorising it to gather their public ORCID records. It should be noted that BIP! Scholar considers not only publications, but also other types of research works (e.g., datasets). These data are used to assembly the respective profile pages (see image on the right). It should be noted that you can select either to keep the profile private (e.g., to use it only for self-monitoring reasons) or to make it public (allowing access to third parties).

The researcher's profile is organised into two basic blocks: (a) a career summary of the researcher (the grey box on top, in the figure), and (b) the complete track record of all of their works (a paginated list at the bottom). Each entry in the track record displays useful metadata for the respective work, which have been collected or calculated by BIP! Scholar (e.g., its title, venue/repository, availability, various impact indicators). In addition, each entry contains a set of user-provided metadata: the roles of the researcher in the work (based on the classes defined by the CRediT taxonomy) and the topics which are related to it. Researchers are responsible for editing the roles in their own profile.

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